The Best Smartphone Apps to Keep You Healthy

The Best Smartphone Apps to Keep You Healthy

Jul 27 2014

There’s Facebook and Uber, Candy Crush and Pandora, but what smartphone apps lead to better health?

Many industries are creating mobile apps, and for good reason. Mobile banking, online bill payments and even mobile delivery orders are common with anyone who owns a smartphone.

More and more mobile apps also are popping up from health care providers. These apps hold tips and tricks on how to manage health and wellness, improve patient care and can sometimes help diagnose illnesses.

Health insurance providers are even creating apps to house insurance card and plan information. Having this information readily available through your phone is useful when heading to the doctor’s office and during emergencies.

They also can help you stay up-to-date on claims and deductible payments.

Health systems, on the other hand, are using apps to give patients speedy access to test results and quickly message or consult with a doctor.

Health Apps Worth Downloading

Here are a few general medical apps that may pique your interest:

  1. Blood Pressure Monitor – The Blood Pressure Monitor app turns your smartphone into a personal blood pressure and weight health monitor. For those suffering from significantly higher blood pressure, this free app can be an extremely helpful tool.
  1. Instant Heart Rate – Using the camera’s flash, this app is able to monitor and display the user’s heart rate and pulse. For some users, maintaining and knowing a healthy heart rate is important for specific medical conditions including high blood pressure and abnormal heart rhythms.
  1. Priority Health Technology Best Smartphone Apps Best Healthy2Fooducate – This app is designed to educate you about the foods you eat. The barcode scanner, for example, will tell you what’s in a product that you wouldn’t necessarily know just from reading the label.
  1. Sickweather – The flu, bronchitis, chicken pox and whooping cough are all illnesses that can seriously throw off a daily routine – and even put you in the hospital. This free app allows users to track illnesses in their regions and offers tips on how to avoid them.
  1. Keas – This platform empowers employees to set custom wellness goals and objectives, incorporating a spectrum of wellness activities including diet, fitness and mental health.

Technology is continually changing. It’s worth asking your providers, doctors and pharmacist what are the best smartphone apps that they would recommend.