Simple Ways to Express Self-Care

Simple Ways to Express Self-Care

Dec 06 2021

The holiday season can be busy - take time for self care with these ideas.

By: Dominique Duba

Hi everyone! Dominique here, from the lifestyle blog And She Loved! I’m so excited to share with you all the ways I slow things down during the busy holiday season, and whenever life gets hectic. I find it so beneficial to not get frazzled in trying to have a picture-perfect holiday season. So, each day, I remind myself that even the little things are worth showing gratitude for by doing one (or a couple!) of the following self-care activities.


JournalStarting my day with a journal entry, instead of screen time, is something that has such a positive impact on my mental health. It can quickly become a habit to wake up and scroll before you even start your day. 

The Five Minute Journal is one that I’ve found  so helpful because it truly only takes 5 minutes of your morning to set your intentions for the day, and a few minutes at the end of the day to reflect on what went well or what could’ve gone better. This helps remind me that no matter how your day went, there is something good to reflect on. 


Plant and chairA hobby that I have been cultivating for a few years now is caring for my plants. I find that taking care of my plants is so fulfilling because it gives me something to pour myself into and see actual physical changes. Waking up to see a new leaf about to unfurl makes me so happy! Not to mention, having plants and green spaces in your home has certain health benefits

Here are a few plants I recommend for anyone wanting to start growing house plants: ZZ plant, Snake plant, or Jade Pothos!


Personally, I started seeing a therapist when dealing with grief. Not everyone has access to therapy or counseling, which perpetuates the stigma of dealing with mental health issues, when in reality, mental health should be talked about regularly and all people should have access to these services. 

It can be so helpful to have an unbiased ear to listen to your thoughts and feelings. With more therapists and counselors providing tele-health services, it is more accessible to have counseling sessions right in your own home.

Many health plans have mental health resources available to members. Contact your health plan to learn more about what is available to you. Unsure of how to get started finding a therapist? Check out these tips.

Physical Activity.

While I love a good calorie-burning cardio session or lifting weights, sometimes I need a low-impact workout that allows me to listen to my body. Yoga is not only beneficial for your body, but it can also provide mental health benefits. I have found controlled breathing helps me focus on calming down any stress I might be experiencing. 

You don’t have to be a professional yogi to experience these benefits. A simple YouTube search for “morning yoga” or “beginner yoga” will give you access to tons of slow-flow yoga practices. Yoga with Adriene is a great example of an instructor that caters to many different yoga skill levels.


Woman reading in chairReading has always been my favorite pastime. I’m always starting a book, in the middle of a book, or finishing a book! When I’m reading, I love the feeling of being invested in someone else’s story. 

I love the Goodreads app because it gives great recommendations based on the books you have on your bookshelves. It’s also a handy tool to keep track of your reading.

I’m grateful for my family, my supportive friends, a body that carries me through each day, and so many other things. Focusing on the things that I love helps me express gratitude in my life, and in turn, allows for personal growth. 

During this holiday season and throughout the year, don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed and forget what truly matters! Focus on the things that bring YOU joy!

About the author: Hi! I’m Dominique from the lifestyle blog, And She Loved. When I’m not working on content creation, I work as a pediatric Registered Nurse. I am also a mom! I love sharing the things that make me happy, and the things that impact myself and my family. I hope that some of the things I write will resonate!

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