5 Health Benefits of Plants and Green Spaces in Your Home

5 Health Benefits of Plants and Green Spaces in Your Home

Jun 29 2021

Plants, succulents and flowers, oh my! Incorporating greenery into your home and office space is beneficial to you in so many ways.

With many of us spending more time in our houses over the last year or so, it’s been a great time to invest in your space. What if we told you there was an easy way to increase your happiness, productivity and the air quality in your house by adding a little green? That’s right, houseplants are the perfect way to spruce up your space and can also provide many health benefits.

Water you waiting for? Let’s learn more.

1. Plants Can Help Improve Mental Health

Many studies have shown that adding greenery to spaces you spend lots of time in can reduce stress. Aside from the aesthetic purpose of adding some living plants into your house – when your eyes see the green hint of the leaves and colored flowers it is reminded of the outdoors. When we spend time in natural settings it can help reduce mental fatigue and improve concentration levels. Whether you are in the office or working from home, adding some greenery to your desk or work area can help keep you calm.

2. Plants Can Help Your Productivity

Working from home has been an adjustment for many people. Home can provide a number of distractions – from the noise of kids and pets to dirty dishes piling up in the sink, it can be hard to focus. A study from the University of Exeter concluded that productivity increased 15% when plants were introduced to a previously bare office space. The plants helped with “an overall reduction of stress and improvement of calmness and wellbeing, which in turn has effects on an individual’s ability to be creative and focus on tasks.”

Having greenery around can also lengthen someone’s attention span longer than those who are working without greenery around. So, head to a local green house or plant store and pick up some pots and plants – your brain (and boss) will thank you.

3. Plants Keep Air Cleaner

Plants are natural air filters; they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Some studies have shown that houseplants can remove up to 87% of air toxins in as little as 24 hours. Plants are known to cleanse air from some irritants like formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene. Your new plant friends are doing you a favor and keeping you healthier by just sitting in your house. Here’s a list of houseplants that are great air purifiers and need little to no care.

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4. Plants Add Moisture to the Air

Along with releasing oxygen into your house, plants also release the water you give them. Healthline says, “Water from the soil makes its way up through the roots of the plant, through the stems, and up to the leaves (transpiration), where it’s evaporated into the air through pores on the leaves, called stomata.” This can improve your home’s air quality and humidity. Adding houseplants to your living spaces may help relieve dry skin, prevent dry throat, soothe dry sinuses, prevent nosebleeds and reduce allergies. Who knew such a small change could provide so many benefits?

5. Plants Provide a Sense of Accomplishment

Ask any of your plant-obsessed friends. Once you get one plant you may find yourself wanting more. There is a sense of accomplishment when a new leaf has grown, flowers bloom or your plants start to change color from the care you have given them. Helping your plants find the best window and keeping to your watering schedule to see your plants flourish can boost your emotional well-being, and you can enjoy the growth of your new plants.

Not a green thumb? Not a problem. There are many plants (like succulents) that require little to no effort all while providing you with the same incredible health benefits. You’ll be a succ-essful plant tender in no time.

Now you can spruce up your space and let these plants thrive. Adding plants to your home or office space is an easy way to calm you down and keep you healthy. Best of luck with your new green thumb. We are rooting for you.

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