Health App of the Month: RoadID

Health App of the Month: RoadID

Feb 22 2016

If something were to happen to you while out for a walk, run, or bike, how easy would it be for first responders to contact your family?

Regardless if you’re logging miles while training for a long run, or just stepping outside for a quick walk through the park, it is important to carry proper identification in case of an emergency. That’s where RoadID comes in.

RoadIDs are customizable wristbands that list your emergency contacts and medical information. In the event of an accident, where you may not be conscious or able to speak, emergency personnel can look at your RoadID and determine who to call and how to proceed. And the concept’s gone digital and has now moved to your phone.

The RoadID health app is user friendly and has three main functions.

While the Road ID is another app to add to your phone, this is one that could potentially save your life.

Lock Screen

Your phone most likely has all your loved ones’ contact information stored in it, but if your phone requires a password, it’s no good to the first responders since that information is inaccessible. With RoadID’s customizable lock screen, you can choose up to three contacts to display. There is also a field where you can add medical notes such as allergies, conditions, prescriptions you’re taking and any other medically relevant information.

Priority Health-Innovation-Health app-RoadID ecrumbeCrumb

Next time you go out for a run or bike, you can turn on the eCrumb function on the RoadID app. The eCrumb allows contacts you’ve chosen to be able track your progress on a map. First, you’ll choose the estimated amount of time you’ll be gone and add a quick status message like ‘going for a run’, ‘headed out for a ride’, or ‘follow me on my workout’.

You can notify up to five people of your activity. eCrumb sends your contacts the designated status update and link to an online map showing your location. Once you’ve completed your workout, simply end the eCrumb, which triggers another email or text message to your contacts, letting them know you’ve safely completed your activity.

Stationary Alert

Another great function of the RoadID app is the Stationary Alert. If you have this function turned on and you’re at a stand still for at least five minutes, your phone will do two things. First, it will emit a loud alert sound. If for any reason you’ve passed out and no one has noticed, the alert sound on your phone will notify nearby people of your location. The other thing your phone will do is send a “Stationary Alert” message and a link to your location to your contacts.

While the RoadID is another app to add to your phone, this is one that could potentially save your life. If you aren’t a fan of carrying your phone everywhere you go, there is also the option of purchasing an actual RoadID band. Regardless if you choose to go old school or new school, it’s always a good idea to have proper identification on you.

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