3 Questions to Ask Your Doc to Save on Health Care Costs

3 Questions to Ask Your Doc to Save on Health Care Costs

Apr 10 2014

If you think doctors are the only ones who should be asking questions during a visit, think again.

Having a frank conversation with your doctor may help you save big on health care costs. Here are three important questions to ask:

  1. Ask what can be done to lower the cost of prescription drugs
    Priority Health Transparency Health Care Costs Questions2Prescription drugs make up a huge chunk of your annual health care costs. Having a meaningful conversation with a doctor about options to lower these costs can sometimes mean huge savings. Go through each prescription and ask if they are necessary or if there is a low-cost or generic alternative available.
  2. If surgery is required, ask about going to an outpatient facility
    Health care costs vary depending on where you seek services. Using a tool such as the Healthcare Bluebook may save you thousands of dollars, just by exploring other options or facilities for routine procedures. Asking the right questions about where procedures can be done may help you find the best cost alternative.
  3. Ask if you are up-to-date on preventive care
    Most health plans are built to cover the cost of preventive care. Talk to your doctor about what preventive screenings you should receive. By having these tests you can stay on top of your health and avoid more costly health conditions further down the road.

Understanding the right questions to ask can save you thousands of dollars in medical costs.