Top 3 Ways to Make Your Employee Health Benefit Package Attractive

Top 3 Ways to Make Your Employee Health Benefit Package Attractive

May 28 2015

Successful companies use creative approaches to their health care offerings and benefits packages to attract and retain employees.

The unemployment rate in Michigan has been steadily declining, now the trick is retaining those employees, keeping them happy and satisfied at work so this rate maintains its favorable position.

One way to guard against employee turnover is by offering competitive health plans that include key differentiators that don’t break the bank.

The trend of integrating wellness into health plans was spurred by employers’ interest in cutting medical costs and improving productivity

When you begin constructing your health benefits package for the coming year, consider including these value-add options:

It’s all about wellness.

If your employees believe your company cares about their health, they are more likely to feel valued and appreciated. A culture of wellness will also help attract Millennials who are looking for a job that isn’t merely a job.

A comprehensive wellness program may include an array of products, programs and tools that encourage people to adopt healthier lifestyles. They range from discounts on fitness equipment and gym memberships to health coaching and benefit designs that reward employees for making healthy lifestyle choices.

It’s not entirely altruistic though: the trend of integrating wellness into health plans was spurred by employers’ interest in cutting medical costs and improving productivity. So, not only does incorporating a wellness program motivate your employees, but it also could affect your bottom line in the long run.

Health care consumerism is on the rise.

If you’ve already adopted the trend toward higher deductible health plans, you may have received pushback from employees who are spending a larger portion of their paycheck on their health care.

As a result, your employees are likely becoming more price inquisitive, wanting to make sure they are spending their health care dollars wisely. Just as they would with any other major purchase, they want to be able to shop for X-rays, surgeries and lab tests. And rightly so. The price for the same test or procedure could double or triple depending on where it’s done.

Pick a health plan that makes price and quality transparency a high priority. And better yet, pick a plan that provides online tools so you employees will get an accurate cost estimate based on their specific plan design.

Health insurance has joined the digital age.

Mobile devices and smart phones are changing the way employees track their claims and the way health care is delivered.

In the past, people slipped their health plan ID card into their wallets and didn’t pull it out until going to the doctor’s office. But now, there’s an expectation that everything can be done faster and more seamlessly through a digital means – the standard ID card is now becoming irrelevant and the electronic version of the card is taking over.

Plus it goes beyond just an electronic version of the card. Choose a plan that offers an app that lets your employees go paperless, provides anytime access to price comparison tools for their health services and lets them check their health financials (benefits, copayments, deductibles and claims status) and medical records electronically at anytime.

An added bonus, find a plan that covers video eVisits. These are an easy and effective alternative that allows your employees to “see” a doctor anytime and anywhere they need.

Your best bet for employee retention is to help enrich your employees lives, through wellness, cost savings and efficiency in your health care benefits package offerings.

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