Partner exercises for Valentine’s Day

Partner exercises for Valentine’s Day

Feb 10 2023

Use these partner exercises to heat up your Valentine’s Day. Grab your partner, workout shoes and a yoga mat and get ready to sweat.

Ready to celebrate Valentine’s day with your partner, but still want to get your exercise in for the day? Start your day off with a two-person workout that will get both of your hearts pumping and start you day off on the right foot. It is easy to turn a workout routine into a partner routine. Not only will you get to spend more quality time with each other but having a fitness and wellness accountability partner can make it easer to reach your goals and maintain your own healthy lifestyle. Warning: This workout may also lead to 30 minutes of sweat, laughter and fun. Let’s get started.

Warm it up!

(6 exercises for 20 seconds each – 2 minutes total)

Get your heart pumping with a warmup — an essential part of any workout so you can avoid injury. Do these exercises to get your heart rate elevated and ready for your V-day workout.

  • 20 seconds of jumping jacks
  • 20 seconds of side-to-side hops while your feet are together
  • 20 seconds of wide arm circles
  • 20 seconds of small arm circles
  • 20 seconds of high knees
  • 20 seconds butt kicks

Let’s get physical!

(6 exercises for 2 minutes each, repeat set twice – 24 minute total)

Now that we are warmed up, start up those fitness watches, it’s time to grab your boo and really get moving. Try the following exercises to crush this duo workout.

1.Russian Twist transfer – Sitting down, have your partner and you sit back-to-back. Keep your legs in the air and pass a medicine ball to and from your partner by twisting to one side and then the other. Your abs will be on fire in no time. Don’t have a medicine ball? Try passing a 2-litre, a heavy book or any size kettle ball or hand weight.

Partner twist

2. Jumping lunges – Face your partner and grab onto their forearm and make sure to communicate which leg you are lunging with first. Jump at the same time to switch your lunging legs. Make sure to keep your knee and toes in line to prevent injury. For an added challenge try to maintain eye contact with your partner.

3. Mountain climber crunch kiss – Try out this combo. One partner will lay on the ground with their knees bent and do crunches, while the other partner will hold their feet and assume plank position to start their mountain climbers. Try to do four mountain climbers and then pause to meet your partner at the top of their crunch for a kiss. Switch roles after one minute of this exercise.

4. Reverse lunge with hand hold – Face your partner and press your palms together and lace your fingers at chest height. Simultaneously take a large step backward with your right foot. Bend both your knees to lower into a reverse lunge. Press into your front heel to come back up to standing position and repeat, this time stepping backwards with the left foot. Continue to alternate sides without dropping your hands. For an added challenge – press your hands together to create resistance and engage your core.

Partner lunge


5. Back-to-back chair squats – Stand back-to-back with your partner and link arms. Leaning against each other’s upper backs for balance, walk your feet out enough to separate your bottoms which will allow you to be in a deep squat position. Next, you’ll both bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Press up through your heels using your partner for balance.

Partner squat

6. Push up high five – Have you and your boo face each other in push up position. Feel free to do whatever pushup you are most comfortable with. At the top of the pushup reach your hand out to high five your partner, alternating hands with each rep. This will be the ultimate test to match up with your partner’s pace and movements.

Cool it down.

(4 stretches for 1 minute each – 4 minutes total)

Congratulations, you finished the hardest part! Now it is time to bring the heartrate back down so you can get on with your day.

  • Side stretch – 30 seconds each side
  • Quad stretch – 30 seconds each side
  • Forward lunge stretch – 30 seconds each side
  • Arm across body stretch – 30 seconds each side

You completed our partner workout and now you and your Valentine have something to celebrate. Spend the rest of the day enjoying each other’s company and feel good about getting a workout in, together.

Looking for lower impact?

Maybe a short HIIT workout is hard to fit into your day or you need something the whole family can join in on. Try any of these activities to still get in a Valentine’s day sweat sesh.

No matter how you spend your Valentine’s day or who you spend it with, these workouts are sure to get your heart racing and get your blood pumping. You can use this workout anytime you and your partner are ready to heat things up.

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