Home Entertainment: Ideas to Help Keep Spirits Up During a Shutdown

Home Entertainment: Ideas to Help Keep Spirits Up During a Shutdown

Mar 16 2020

Chances are you and/or your kids are home during the COVID-19 pandemic that’s impacted the state, the U.S. and the world. If you’re “stuck” at home, unstick yourself with the following fun ideas.

The entire state of Michigan heard Governor Whitmer’s address that called for statewide school closings and cooperation from everyone to travel only if necessary. Many of you are probably receiving constant correspondence from your workplace or your children’s schools. And, there’s a good number of you working from home, canceling weekend plans, spring break trips and other general travel itineraries. As the country does all it can to help stop the spread of COVID-19, we put together the following ideas to help you have some fun at home and de-stress—whether that’s alone, or with family or friends.

Blow the dust off your old video games.

Remember that feeling you get when you saved the Princess from Bowser’s evil castle in Super Mario Brothers? The feeling never goes away. Though it might be in a box with your old Nintendo, game cartridges and controllers. If you’re lucky enough to have an old game console stowed away somewhere in your house or apartment, now is an opportune time to find it, hook it up, get it working and game on. And, of course, all the current gaming consoles come with online networks so you can play with or against friends and family—wherever they are. Since COVID-19 can’t spread through the internet, you’re safe to play anyone in the network willing to take you on in Mario Kart. Challenge initiated!

Rewatch your favorite movies or reread your favorite books.

Times like these can produce a strong sense of nostalgia. In an effort to harness your thoughts of yesteryear in a positive way, try watching some of the movies with which you grew up. Surely you have a movie or two that made a big impact on you at an important stage in life. Use this “down time” to pick up your spirits with the films that matter most to you. Whether it’s a coming of age classic like Stand By Me or a goofy 90s flick like Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, odds are you own the DVD. Better yet, search it on your favorite streaming network like Hulu or Netflix. You might even find more movies than you bargained for. Need some recommendations? Tom Hanks has tested positive for COVID-19 and is reported to be recovering safely. When was the last time you watched Forrest Gump or Apollo 13?

Catch up on the latest series everyone’s talking about.

When it comes to zany reality TV, there’s a lot out there right now. The first of the year brought us The Circle from Netflix. Now everyone’s talking about Love is Blind. And if that particular dating show isn’t your thing, there are plenty of others to try. For instance, you could get caught up on The Bachelor (ABC) or Love Island (CBS). But don’t just take it from us: Our friends at Rotten Tomatoes put together this list of top shows to stream right now—and don’t worry, they include several options that don’t fall under the dating or reality categories.

Don’t get bored, get board…

Games, that is. From Sorry to Scrabble, Clue to Guess Who, there’s plenty of time to take on anyone in the house that’s willing to roll the dice or make a move against the likes of you. According to Statista, 38% of American households own five or more board or card games. Which ones do you own? More importantly, which ones do you know you can win against your family or friends? It may be time for a friendly game of chess, checkers, Life or Monopoly. The good news is, even if you’re a lousy player, you can use this time to get better. Here are 13 facts about Monopoly to help you get in the mood for fake money and tiny game pieces.

Read, read, read!

Question: What’s your absolute favorite book? Sub-question: When was the last time you read it? If you just said something like “it’s been years” or “it’s been decades,” now would be a fantastic time to pull it off the bookshelf and give it a good reread. Don’t have a copy? While it’s not a good idea to head down to the library with social distancing guidelines in place, it is totally fine to find a copy of your favorite reads online. In fact, most libraries have partnerships with online services that make digital versions of the books you seek available to you—right from the comfort of your home. Looking for a new novel? Here’s the current list of New York Times Best Sellers.

Get musical.

This one is ambitious, but it could pay off big time after things get back to normal. In fact, it could change your life. Whether it’s the old piano no one plays, the old guitar your grandpa left you (that’s probably sitting in the closet or under the bed) or the band, symphony or orchestra instrument you haven’t touched since high school, you can use this time to make a little music. There are several online lessons and tutorials to choose from to help you tune up and play, from these piano lessons services to three months of free guitar lessons from Fender. YouTube is also a great source for learning a new instrument. And, if you don’t have an instrument to make music, crank up some tunes from your favorite playlists, listen and enjoy. Who knows, you might even get the whole family up and dancing.

Don’t panic.

There’s lots you can do around the house, apartment or yard to keep you and everyone around you entertained. It’s a great time to use your imagination and find something that works for you. Remember, it’s best to stay occupied, especially if your entire family is home from work or school. But there’s no reason to panic. There are several ways to stay informed during the pandemic and you can always reach out to your doctor or health insurance company for more information. At Priority Health, we’re staying on top of COVID-19 to provide continuous information regarding facts, treatment and prevention to better inform our members and the entire state.

Strengthen your mental health.

Self-care and coping skills are critical to your mental health and wellbeing during this time. Priority Health has partnered with a digital health specialist to offer free access to mental wellness resources specifically focused on the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more here.