Cut Clutter in Your Health Files With Paperless Statements

Cut Clutter in Your Health Files With Paperless Statements

Sep 25 2015

Signing up to receive electronic claim activity statements with your health plan helps more than just the environment.

Sick of Stone Age statements from your health insurance company? No worries, many health plans are moving to an opt-in system to give members the choice to receive electronic statements instead.

Making the switch to paperless has direct benefits for you and positively impacts the environment.

When you receive a paper copy, you may be wondering whether you need to even keep your claim statements, and if so, for how long? Making the switch to paperless has direct benefits for you and positively impacts the environment. It’s a win-win.

Benefits at your fingertips

Members who opt-in to receive electronic claim statements will be surprised by how quickly they have access to their claims information. No more checking your mailbox for your bill – you will know by logging in to your account or through your health plan’s mobile app, what you may owe a provider. And, your account will automatically file your documents for you so you can easily access your history of statements. No heap of paper on your counter required.

Instead of waiting for a paper form to be processed, printed and mailed, members can use their devices to access their health information, when and where they need it. In fact, most health plan’s online accounts and mobile phone apps include information beyond just claim information, such as:

  • deductible balances
  • cost and quality tools
  • benefits
  • virtual visits
  • member discounts

Efficient payment and budgeting

According to Indiana Michigan Power, in the past two years, 16 million Michigan households paid their bills via mobile devices. Another three out of four Michigan citizens believe billing electronically helps them manage their finances effectively and maintains organization. When members have the option to opt-in to electronic statements with their health plan, they have the option to pay bills efficiently and budget for future health services.

Paying your bills online means you have less paperwork to keep track of on your counter or file away in your filing cabinets. Plus, you won’t have to worry about about missing a bill if your mail is misplaced or you move. With quicker access to your billing information and cost and quality tools from your health plan, you can budget more effectively for future health services and possibly save money in the long run.

Go green. Help the environment

“Going green” is all the rage these days. You can’t escape the buzz of organic food, recycling, solar energy, hybrid cars and more. Do you know what it would equal if 20 percent of households switched to paperless billing for one year?

  • 146,930,912 lbs. of paper
  • 542,669,898 lbs. of wood
  • 1,632,318,487 gallons of waste water
  • 14,936,853 less gallons of gasoline

The benefits of going paperless stretch beyond saved trees. It also increases time efficiency and personal security and decreases spaced needed for storage.

Don’t be a paperweight. If you haven’t yet signed up for electronic claims with your health plan – make the choice (or choose) to go paperless today!

If you are a Priority Health member and want to receive paperless claims, register or log in to your account and change your communications preferences to email.