6 tips to prepare for a mammogram

6 tips to prepare for a mammogram

Mar 07 2022

Mammograms are an important aspect of preventive care.

While the procedure can be emotional, uncomfortable, and even annoying, it can save your life. A screening is the best way to detect early signs of breast cancer when it’s most treatable. It also offers peace of mind in knowing your health status.

Like many screenings, tests and procedures, there are several ways to prepare. Below are the top six ways to prepare for your upcoming preventive mammogram.

1. Bring your ID and insurance card to your appointment.

You’ll be asked to verify your identity and provide insurance plan information before the screening. Bringing your ID and insurance cards will make the check-in process easier and faster.

2. Wear a two-piece outfit.

That way when you put on your gown for the procedure, you’ll only have to remove your top and bra. This can help you stay comfortable and less exposed.

3. Take your prescription medications.

If you’re currently on any daily meds, don’t skip them the day of your screening. Take all routine medications as prescribed, as usual.

4. Schedule your screening for one week after your period.

Unless you’ve gone through menopause, your breasts are sensitive the week before and the week during your period. Making your appointment for the week after creates a better experience.

5. Leave your necklace at home.

Neck jewelry can interfere with the X-ray images. It can also get damaged or lost during the process. That’s why we recommend you don’t wear it to the appointment.

6. Don’t wear deodorant.

It may sound odd, but many hygiene products you wear under your arms or on your breasts can interfere with test results. This can result in needing to reschedule.

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