Workout Music That Can Amplify Your Energy and Motivation

Workout Music That Can Amplify Your Energy and Motivation

Feb 23 2016

For many people, a good music playlist is essential for a successful workout.

Music helps you get in the zone and gets you motivated and moving during your workout. However, playlists can get overplayed, and become less motivating. Thankfully, there is a solution. You don’t have to listen to a stale playlist. Instead, you can utilize free music resources that are available online and through smartphone apps to keep your workout music fresh.

If you’re looking to explore new music and create a new workout music playlist, here are some resources to consider:

  1. Spotify: is a digital music service that provides access to millions of songs. This resource gives users the ability to choose specific songs to play, which can manually be turned into a playlist.
  2. Grooveshark: is owned by Escape Media Group and similarly allows users to upload digital audio files that  can be streamed and organized into different music playlists.
  3. Pandora: is a music streaming system run by Pandora Media Inc. that has the capabilities to recommend different songs based on a user’s music tastes.

No matter your music preference, there is a resource out there for you. If you’re looking for a set group of songs to listen to, or to explore new songs and artists, free music resources provide a solution for all athletes looking for motivation.

Music can set the pace for your workout – psychologists call it the rhythm response. Most people sync their movements to the tempo of the music.

To successfully find a playlist that fits your next workout, search for the music apps using keywords. For example, you can search the type of activity you are performing. If you’re going for a run, type in “running,” which will have a faster, more upbeat tempo, or if you’re practicing yoga, type in “yoga,” which will have a slower, more relaxing tempo. You will find multiple playlist options to choose from, you could even work your way down the list.  

You also have the ability to search for a specific genre of music, and an instant queue of songs fitting your search will play. For example, if rock music motivates you during a workout, use the words “rock music” in the keyword search. Free music resources make it easy to create new playlists for users.

Music can set the pace for your workout – psychologists call it the rhythm response.

Companies and celebrities have also jumped on the trend of creating their own playlists, and making them available to the public. To find these playlists, simply search the company’s or celebrity’s name. Try the Priority Health station on Pandora to enjoy a fun mix of songs that pairs perfectly with any workout.

If sourcing your music through free resources isn’t for you, create your own playlists with the’s top 10 best workout songs of 2015-2016, which includes songs such as:

  1. Shake it off – Taylor Swift
  2. Boom Boom Pow – Black Eyed Peas
  3. Work B – Britney Spears
  4. Gangnam Style – Psy
  5. Smooth Criminal – Alien Ant Farm
  6. I’m So Excited – Pointer Sisters
  7. I Wanna Rock – Twisted Sister
  8. Firework – Katy Perry
  9. U Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer
  10. Bad Romance – Lady Gaga