What to expect from your health plan’s maternal infant wellness program

What to expect from your health plan’s maternal infant wellness program

Apr 01 2024

Whether you’re expecting or in the process of family planning, preparing for a baby is complex.

Good news. It’s likely that your health plan has a program designed to help you do just that. Many plans offer programs to help parents or caretakers with important dates, doctor visits, and an abundance of useful information from pregnancy through baby’s early milestones.

Priority Health offers two programs: one for expecting mothers through pregnancy, and PriorityBABY, a new program for parents and caregivers (and their babies, of course) that offers assistance through baby’s second birthday. These programs are designed to help Priority Health members better understand costs and coverage related to their specific health plan, along with guidance and support in keeping their newly expanded family healthy during this special time in their lives.

No matter your health coverage, if you’re in the middle of family planning, odds are your health plan has a similar offering many health benefits for you and future-or newborn-baby.

Here are some of those benefits.

The Reminders

A great aspect of participating in your health plan’s maternal and infant program is the outreach. A big goal of these programs is to help you make important doctor visits. Both your regular OB/GYN visits during pregnancy and your new baby’s well-child visits postpartum are extremely important for your health and wellbeing. That’s why it’s crucial to schedule and attend every appointment. Your health plan can help you stay aware of these appointments by sending friendly reminders. Many can even help you schedule appointments and find transportation.

The Goodies

If the additional help remembering important appointments isn’t enough, your plan’s maternity/infant program likely has tangible benefits, too. Many of these programs include a special gift upon enrollment. PriorityBABY rewards participating Priority Health members with a special package that contains many useful gifts to help new caretakers and their infants, including a bath thermometer and a cooler bag for safe transport of breastmilk or formula. Not all incentives are the same, but it’s worth researching to see what gifts, items and accessories are included in your health plan’s program.

The Resources

It’s true there’s a wealth of educational resources on the web designed to help you navigate pregnancy, pediatrics, and proper care for baby. You may find, however, searching for the right information can be daunting given the abundance of content out there. But resources that speak directly to your health plan, created by certified health care professionals, are among the most reliable sources – and your health plan’s maternal infant program should offer plenty of them.

Qualified Priority Health members who enroll in PriorityMOM or the new PriorityBABY program get access to a number of resources including helpful guides, educational infographics and even videos to help you keep you get the best care for you and your little one.

The Care

Whether you’re planning your first child or adding to your already thriving family, you know that receiving the right care at the right time is crucial for both you and baby, during and after pregnancy. In fact, every well-child visit is vastly important to your child’s development—well after they’re walking. Maternal infant health programs are all designed to ensure you and your little one get optimal care, visit your provider as recommended, and help keep you and your child healthy. Priority Health’s maternal infant health programs exist to help promote full term pregnancies, healthy feeding, sleep safety and many other elements critical to you and your child’s care.

Additional Resources

Whether you’re in the planning stages or currently pregnant, the right resources can make all the difference in your journey. If you’re unsure of your health plan or its maternal infant program offering, contact them today. Priority Health members can go here for more, or to see if they’re eligible for PriorityMOM or PriorityBABY. In addition, the State of Michigan has valuable resources to help along the way, including the Maternal Infant Health Program.