What to Expect From Your First Postpartum Checkup

What to Expect From Your First Postpartum Checkup

Sep 25 2021

Life gets busier the moment your baby is born, but that doesn’t mean you should put your own health on the back burner.

Congratulations on your new child. The first weeks of life are critical for your baby’s health and your own. Giving birth is hard work. It can cause physical and mental effects long after your baby arrives., It is important to get regular postpartum checkups. Your doctor will cover family planning, your healing process, and more.


A postpartum checkup is a good time to talk to your doctor about breastfeeding. Your doctor will likely perform a breast exam and ask how feeding is going. If you report any issue breastfeeding, they may check for signs of mastitis. This is an infection in a milk duct. Many women and their babies struggle with feeding. Make sure to bring up any issues with your doctor.

Postpartum Depression

One in seven women have postpartum depression according to the American Psychological Association. It is important to talk to your doctor mental health concerns. Postpartum depression is common. It is not a sign of weakness. It is one of many health complications than can arise from giving birth. Tell your doctor if you have been feeling anxious, irritable, or sad. These feeling could make it harder for you to take care of your baby and yourself.

Maternal Infant Health Program

Pregnant Medicaid members can enroll in the Maternal Infant Health Program and Nurse Family Partnership. These are home visiting programs. They teach moms how to keep themselves and their babies healthy. The programs have many benefits. Priority Health Medicaid members who enroll and attend their postpartum visit can get a package of free diapers. Learn more about the program here.

Ask your health plan about available resources. You and your baby deserve the very best care during this important time.

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