What to Expect From Your First Postpartum Checkup

What to Expect From Your First Postpartum Checkup

Aug 16 2019

Life gets busier the moment your baby is born, but that doesn’t mean you should put your own health on the back burner.

Congratulations on your new addition. The first few weeks of life are a crucial time for your baby’s health—and yours. Giving birth is a significant amount of hard work for your body and it can result in lingering physical and mental effects long after your little one arrives. Considering the stress your body has endured over the past months, it’s important to get regular postpartum checkups to make sure you’re in good health. Your doctor will cover everything from family planning questions to your body’s healing process, and more.

A postpartum checkup is the perfect time to talk to your doctor about breastfeeding. Your doctor will likely perform a breast exam and ask how feeding is going. They may check for signs of mastitis—an infection in a milk duct—if you report any issues while breastfeeding. Many women and their babies struggle with feeding, be it milk supply or difficulty latching, so make sure to bring up any issues with your doctor.

Up to one in seven women experiences postpartum depression according to the American Psychological Association, which is why it’s so important to talk to your doctor about any mental health concerns you have. Postpartum depression is common and it isn’t a sign of weakness—it’s simply one of many health complications than can arise from giving birth. Tell your doctor if you’ve been feeling anxious, irritable, or sad—and if those feelings interfere with your ability to take care of your baby or accomplish other tasks. There are resources and support groups available to help you through this difficult time—you just have to ask.

If you’re a Medicaid member, involved in the Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP) during pregnancy and attend your 3-8 week postpartum appointment, Priority Health offers incentive programs to support you as you navigate your postpartum health. If eligible, you can receive free and discounted diapers for your little one just by attending your first postpartum doctor’s appointment. To learn more about this program, call the customer service number on the back of your Priority Health member ID card or read more about the program here.

Not a Priority Health member? Check with your insurance provider about incentives and resources available to you. Remember—both you and your new addition deserve the very best care during this important and exciting time.

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