Sick of Kale? Here’s 5 New Health Food Trends to Try

Sick of Kale? Here’s 5 New Health Food Trends to Try

Mar 17 2015

Acai berries, kale, and wheatgrass – all former trendy health foods that are now staples in any healthy diet.

As is always the case with trends, there is something new on the horizon. Maybe you are a little sick of the old trendy health food or just loving trying new things, either way, there are new healthy foods gaining steam.

Get ahead of the curve and incorporate these 2015 health food trends into your diet by trying one of the recipes below. Once they have hit your palate, you can bet that they will become a staple in your diet. Your head and heart will definitely thank you.

Gluten-free flours

Priority Health - Personal Wellness - Health Food - CaliflowerIf you’re trying to eat less carbs, have digestive sensitivity or are following the Paleo diet, this is an easy way to add more flavor to your baked goods while making them healthier for you. There are many different types of gluten-free flours making their way onto store shelves. The most popular choices are almond and coconut flour, which are great sources of fiber. Ashlee Davis, editor at Everyday Health, says, “I think they give my baked goods a lighter, moister texture, with an even richer taste. It’s fun to pair them with other naturally sweet ingredients like bananas, pumpkin, and dates. The combined flavors are delicious.” Try this recipe for Paleo-approved coconut flour pancakes for your next Sunday brunch.


There’s no stopping this superfood in 2015! This nutrient-rich veggie can be prepared multiple ways: roasted, sautéed, mashed with potatoes, steamed, and so on. But a new way to incorporate cauliflower into your healthy lifestyle this year, and satisfy a carb-loaded food craving, is by using it to make a pizza crust! With this Cauliflower Pizza Crust recipe from the Food Network, and fresh veggies from your local farmer’s market, you will love this healthy take on everyone’s favorite dinner.

Grass-fed dairy and meats

Continuing the clean eating trend, more people have been turning to grass-fed meat and dairy options to avoid consuming products that include artificial hormones and antibiotics. Grass-fed dairy and meats are from pasture raised livestock whose diets are made up of grass and forage, such as legumes, which naturally have more heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants than their grain-fed counterparts. And, you’ll probably be able to taste the difference too, making the switch even more worthwhile. Take this trend a step further, check your local grocery stores and butcher shops for locally-sourced meat and dairy options. When it’s time to bust out the grill, fire up this grass-fed rib-eye and pair it with grilled romaine and hot tomato vinaigrette.


The health benefits of green tea are no secret, but now there’s a new version of this popular drink on the rise. Matcha, made of powdered green tea leaves, is the superhero version of regular green tea, says Jim White, R.D., from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “It’s extremely high in antioxidants and can amp up your metabolism. Plus, the amino acid l-theanine has a calming effect.” Matcha is a great way to add a little flavor, and a lot of health benefits, to your daily smoothie, or sprinkle it over your favorite steamed veggies. For the coffee lovers, try this easy matcha latte, or a matcha green tea frappuccino instead of your daily Starbucks run to give your day a healthy boost.


Priority Health - Personal Wellness - Health Food - TigernutsUnlike the name implies, tigernuts are a flavorful root vegetable that originate from Spain. They have a sweet, vanilla, creamy flavor, and are becoming a popular ingredient in baked goods. They’re known for their multiple health benefits, such as heart healthy oils, high fiber content and being a good source of protein. Your taste buds are sure to enjoy these tigernut chocolate chip cookies and they are gluten-free and paleo approved. Tigernut milk is a popular alternative for people who are lactose intolerant and have nut allergies.

Healthy diets don’t have to be boring. Continually trying new health trends will keep you both satisfied and in a healthy state of mind.