Reap the Rewards: Get the Most Benefit from Your Health Care

Reap the Rewards: Get the Most Benefit from Your Health Care

Mar 29 2017

Many health insurers have begun offering rewards for members who are proactive about their health and are savvy shoppers.

As health care costs increase, the need for cost transparency also increases. Now, like never before, this increased access to information gives you the opportunity to shop online and gather information about your health care needs before making a decision.

Health insurance companies are offering incentives to members who research options and make healthy, financially savvy choices. Similar to a retail customer rewards program, being involved is a win-win for you as a member.

Shopping for a health care procedure

It can be difficult to find cost and quality information for health care services since health care facilities aren’t required to reveal prices. You might not realize that the price of procedures can vary by hundreds, even thousands, depending on where you receive the care. Despite the price disparity, no correlation between price and quality has been found.

Consumers should be able to see price variations on procedures to make an informed decision about where to receive care.

This is why Priority Health developed its Cost Estimator tool, which members can use to compare health procedure costs as well as get an accurate estimate of their annual expenses for any given service. In Michigan, the price of a colonoscopy, for example, can vary between $1,200 and $4,500 depending on where you go so it pays to shop around.

Priority Health_Personal_Health Plan Benefits_Reap the Reward_Research

In addition to the cost savings associated with shopping around, through its program PriorityRewards, Priority Health incentivizes patients who have a reward eligible procedure/service and choose a fair-priced facility using the tool. Once the service has been completed (and a claim processed), Priority Health sends members a Visa gift card that ranges from $50 to $200.

Programs like these can help you:

  • Compare costs and quality for numerous procedures
  • Estimate annual costs
  • Earn cash while shopping for care
  • Save money and make the most efficient use of your health care benefits

Taking preventative steps

Much like safe driver programs, consumers who take preventative steps are statistically less likely to need chronic care or to experience major medical events, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Because of this, most major health insurance companies also offer consumer rewards such as:

Priority Health_Personal_Health Plan Benefits_Reap the Rewards_Eye Glasses
  • Discounts on gym memberships
  • Savings at optical stores
  • Free wellness-based programs

Participating in workplace wellness programs

Employee wellness programs are becoming increasingly popular, so there’s a good chance your employer has one in place. These programs can help improve your overall physical and mental health. Employers often have their own system of rewards in place to support healthy behavior. Many offer gym membership reimbursements or contribute funds to a health savings account for receiving a yearly physical to motivate employees to participate.

The best part is that you are rewarded for behaviors that help increase your overall health. See what programs your health insurer and employer offer and start reaping the rewards.