Pumping Iron Into Your Diet

Pumping Iron Into Your Diet

Apr 30 2021

Iron is an essential part of any diet and plays an important role in carrying oxygen through your body and red blood cells. Learn how to incorporate this mineral into your everyday meals.

Iron. A very important part of everyone’s life, but we aren’t talking about the handy home equipment to make your clothes wrinkle free − we’re talking about the important mineral we need to get from our food.

Healthline reports “According to a 2005 World Health Organization (WHO) study, iron deficiency is the top nutritional disorder in the world. Research suggests that as many as 80 percent of people in the world don’t have enough iron in their bodies. It also suggests that as many as 30 percent of people have anemia due to prolonged iron deficiency.”

As many as 80 percent of people in the world don’t have enough iron in their bodies.

Many people don’t know they may suffer from an iron-deficient diet until physical signs such as cold hands and feet, headaches, fatigue, dizziness and weakness start to become an everyday part of someone’s life. So, let’s pump in the iron and learn how you can get this mineral to live a healthier life, and discover some fun iron rich meals to try along the way.

For the meat lovers.

Red meat is rich with iron. So lucky for you, a protein such as lean ground meat, dark-meat turkey, lamb and pork loin pack a punch of iron into your diet. All these foods are easily incorporated into a diet and can be the main dish at any meal.

For our pescatarian friends.

Not into red meat? Don’t worry − there are plenty of other fish in the sea. Shellfish and seafood options can be eaten to get your daily dose of iron. Oysters, mussels and clams are a great way to start. Kick off a meal with some of these options as an appetizer, or use fish, like salmon, to be the star of your meal. Fish and seafood are also high in protein, iodine, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, so say “yes please!” to some sea food dishes.

For the Vegetarians and Vegans.

We haven’t forgotten about our plant-based connoisseurs! Chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, edamame, black beans, lentils and spinach are great sources of food with high iron content. Need something a little sweeter? Dates, figs and raisins are a great way to sweeten the deal.  Using these plant-based sides is a perfect way to get a daily serving of veggies and pack an iron-rich punch.

You now have plenty of knowledge and yummy iron-packed recipes to keep you, your body, and your red blood cells feeling healthy and happy. Remember, everything in moderation, switching around your diet and incorporating a balance of all the food groups is the best way to keep yourself energized and balanced.

Now get out there and pump some iron into your diet.

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