No Car? No Problem: 7 Ways to Get to Your Doctor Appointment

No Car? No Problem: 7 Ways to Get to Your Doctor Appointment

May 19 2021

Don’t let your lack of wheels keep you from getting the care you need.

Need to see a doctor, get a medical test or have physical therapy, but no way to get there? No worries. There are plenty of transportation options to choose from. Your pick will likely depend on your health and your budget.

1. Call in a favor. 

Get a ride without feeling awkward by offering to buy coffee or lunch for a friend or family member in exchange for a ride.

2. Contact a local organization. 

Many churches and other nonprofit organizations solicit volunteer drivers to help with non-emergency medical needs. Contact your local church or senior center to ask what’s available in your area. 

3. Hail a taxi or ride share. 

Traditional taxi services are finding new competition in Uber and Lyft, the new ride-sharing services that link ordinary drivers with people who need transportation. Just schedule your ride using a smartphone app and you’ll get personalized service. Rates vary depending on type of vehicle and distance traveled.

4. Have physical limitations?

Door-to-door transportation services are available for anyone who can’t use regular public transportation because of a disability. Look online or call 211 for paratransit services, which are provided through the Americans with Disabilities Act.

5. Use your Medicaid benefits.

Insurance companies generally provide free transportation to help you get to appointments. For example, if you have Priority Health Choice coverage, just call 888.975.8102 or 616.975.8102 to make ride arrangements.

6. Take advantage of public transportation.

Public transportation is an economical choice. Most municipalities have fixed routes plus individual pick-ups if you can’t get to a bus stop. Short on money? Reduced fares are available for those with limited incomes—you’ll need to apply for those in advance to qualify.

7. Try a virtual visit from home. 

Try a virtual visit. With a telehealth appointment, you receive non-emergent care from a board-certified doctor at a lower cost than heading to the nearest urgent care facility or emergency room. Many primary care offices are now providing virtual care, so check with your provider. You can always access MedNow through your MyHealth account to receive care from a Spectrum Health physician.

There are many options to make sure you get to your appointments. Don’t let transportation be a barrier to getting the care you need. If you are eligible for Medicaid, start your enrollment today with Priority Health!

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