Keep Moving With These 4 Exercise Motivation Tips

Keep Moving With These 4 Exercise Motivation Tips

Oct 05 2022

Don’t let lack of motivation be the downfall of your exercise regimen.

By: Daniel Muncey, MPH

Have you hit the ground running with a fitness routine? Or have you had trouble finding the motivation to take your first steps? Wherever you are on your fitness journey, getting or staying motivated can play a pivotal part in your success. Here are four tips to help you get and stay motivated when exercising.  

1. Set SMART goals.

One of the best ways to start and stick with your fitness journey is to have a plan. Setting a SMART goal might be just the tool you need to find success. A SMART goal is one that is: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Take a moment and write out a goal that works for you and put it in a place where you will see it every day like your bathroom mirror. Whatever goal you set, consider telling a friend or family member for a little extra accountability and motivation for the days you need it. You might even gain a workout partner in the process. 

2. Have fun.

Whatever workout you choose make sure it’s one that you enjoy.  If you find yourself not enjoying your workouts don’t be afraid to change it up to help you stay consistent. Look into local health clubs or gyms in your area that support your favorite style of exercise. Even consider branching out and finding local trails or parks that might make your walks or runs more enjoyable. If you find yourself having more success exercising at home, be sure to download an app or find an online class that keeps you wanting to come back for more. The best workout is the one that you will do consistently and find fun. 

3. Keep showing up.

Some days you might not have the motivation to workout. Those are the days when simply starting exercise can make all the difference. You will find that any habit can be modified into a two-minute version; a 2-mile run starts with just putting on your shoes, or a thirty-minute yoga session becomes setting up my yoga mat. If you can get yourself to begin your workout, chances are you will find yourself completing the task. So, show up and focus on the two-minute rule when you need it. 

4. Celebrate your victories.

Set yourself up for success by celebrating your wins. This could be simple like after your first 10 workouts treating yourself to your favorite meal or buying yourself a new workout outfit. The goal is to reward yourself along the way to help you stay consistent on your journey. I would encourage you to take a moment after each workout and express gratitude to yourself and your efforts. This minor change can add up to both physical and mental health benefits over time. 

Whether you are starting your journey now with a new SMART goal or planning your next victory to celebrate, know that along the way a lack of motivation is to be expected. Reach out to your friends and family when you need it and remember to have fun. Before you know if you will be reaching your goals and planning new ones!

About the Author: Daniel Muncey, MPH, is a Wellbeing Specialist. He is passionate about helping families and individuals improve their health and wellbeing. Daniel has a background in personal training, community improvement, and wellbeing programming.

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