Hot Versus Cold Coffee Health Benefits

Hot Versus Cold Coffee Health Benefits

Mar 11 2020

Nothing sparks you like a cup of joe, but did you know that a hot or cold brew could make a difference for your health?

Whether it’s 6 a.m. or 3 p.m., coffee lovers may find themselves making a cup to revitalize and refocus their day. Sure, a piping hot cup may sound great on a snowy day, whereas a cold brew might be more refreshing when the temperatures are rising. Whatever way you like to drink it, there are different benefits for both.

Some like it hot.

Coffee is perhaps classically brewed warm, and for a good reason. Researchers have found that hot coffee tends to have more of an antioxidant presence. In fact, there are more in a single serving of coffee than in a typical serving of blueberries, raspberries and oranges. These are the same antioxidants that play a supporting role in other benefits, such as lowering the risk of diseases.

While a hot cup of coffee can bolster your energy, it can also bolster another important component: your heart. An extensive study found that drinking certain amounts of coffee can lower your risk of heart-related issues, such as failure, stroke and coronary disease. This is, in part, due to the presence of a type of protein specifically triggered by caffeine. The proteins roam into the mitochondria of heart cells, lining blood vessels and strengthening the overall organ. The process may seem complex, but the results are even more beneficial.

Some like it cold.

Cold brew coffee has become a staple of caffeine lovers in recent years. And rightfully so, as it contains many great health benefits, similar to its warmer counterpart.

This can be seen through your metabolism. Due to the levels of caffeine in cold brew coffee, your metabolic rate can increase, thus quickening the speed at which your body burns fat.

There is also a case to be made for cold brew regarding a soother drinking experience. While hot and cold coffee have about the same levels of acidity, it has been found that cold brew can be slightly less acidic, and can boost your digestive system.

Preferences aside, many people question if hot or cold coffee is healthier than the other. While there are cases to be made for both, the jury seems to be out, as research continues to be done. Each type of coffee alone, though, carries their own plethora of health benefits, so you’ll be making a nutritious choice with whichever type you choose to kickstart your day.