Tea Time: The Health Benefits of Steeping

Tea Time: The Health Benefits of Steeping

Dec 27 2021

As the weather gets colder, nothing sounds better than wrapping yourself in a blanket with a hot drink. Skip the coffee and hot cocoa and trade it for a cup of hot tea, which is known to help soothe and relax the body, help your immune system and keep you hydrated.

January is National Hot Tea Month—the perfect excuse to take a moment and pause to enjoy the steam rising from a hot mug of tea. Why not start right now during the holiday season as the weather turns colder?

With so much history, and plenty of varieties to choose from, here are some tea drinking tidbits to help you get the most out of each cup.

Cup of caffeine

Trying to reduce or eliminate caffeine from your diet? Tea is a great way to have a warm up without a large dose of caffeine. Black tea has the greatest amount of caffeine (about half the amount of a cup of regular coffee), but many other types of tea like herbal, white and green have zero to little doses of caffeine. This makes herbal tea the perfect warm drink before bed.

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Packed with antioxidants

Those tiny tea packets you put in each cup are packed with antioxidants—disease-fighting compounds that help fight off unstable molecules. Research shows that regular tea drinkers have a lower risk of heart disease and stroke, lower cholesterol, higher mental alertness and more. So, start sipping. It may not be the end all be all of health, but paired with a healthy lifestyle, tea has a positive impact.

Drink for health

With over 3,000 varieties, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, after water of course. With this many options, it’s nice to know that tea has numerous health benefits. Can’t fall asleep? There’s a tea for that. Have a headache? There’s a tea for that. Sore throat? You guessed it, there’s a tea for that too. Here are some common ailments and teas that can help soothe:

  • Heartburn: Ginger tea has anti-inflammatory effects that may help reduce heartburn pain.
  • Stuffy nose: Mint or eucalyptus tea may help clear the sinuses and improve respiratory circulation.
  • Can’t sleep: Chamomile tea has some sedative qualities that can help you relax.
  • Upset stomach: Peppermint tea is not only the most commonly used herbal tea in the world, but it may support digestive tract health.
  • Sore throat: Lemon tea is known to break up mucus and provide some pain relief. Add a little honey for greater relief.
  • Feeling groggy: Yerba mate tea has the most caffeine of almost every tea, and many people also say it gives them the same alertness of coffee, but without the jittery side effects.

You don’t have to be under the weather to reap the benefits of tea. This drink is a great way to warm up on a cold day, cool off when it is hot or sip something soothing any time of day. With the added health benefits and antioxidants, reach for some water and a tea bag the next time you need a second to unwind. Your body will thank you.

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