5 Delicious, Healthy Benefits of Eggs

5 Delicious, Healthy Benefits of Eggs

Jan 10 2022

Eggs just can’t be beat (unless, that is, you’re beating them for a recipe). But are they healthy, or not?

We’ve been giving a lot of thought to the many egg-cellent health benefits of the incredible egg. And while we can’t say for certain if the chicken or the egg came first, we can tell you that eggs can be a tasty, nutritious addition to your diet.

Let’s get cracking on the benefits of eggs:

1. They’re packed with nutrients.

One egg contains 13 essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamins B2, B5, B12 and D, zinc and iron. They also contain approximately six grams of protein. In fact, eggs are considered a “complete” source of protein because they contain all nine essential amino acids.

2. They make portion control easy.

Whether you make them scrambled or hard boiled, it’s easy to be aware of your portion size. Portion size is what can throw a healthy eating plan over the edge, but eggs make it easy to keep track and be in control because one egg equals one serving—easy as that.

3. They’re versatile.

Eggs can play a starring role in all kinds of healthy dishes. From salads and omelets to dishes like shakshuka, eggs are versatile. Try one of the recipes below.

Classic Egg Salad

Hard Boiled Egg Sandwiches

Egg Salad Tacos

Classic Macaroni Salad

Pasta Salad with Herb Vinaigrette

4. They won’t break the bank.

The price for a dozen eggs is phenomenal compared to the amount of nutrients one serving provides. Plus—the combination of protein and fats present in eggs makes them incredibly filling, giving you more bang for your buck when it comes to satisfying hunger. Talk about a win-win.

5. They’ve got the right fat.

A single egg only has about 5 grams of fat. What’s more, many eggs available today are also packed full of omega-3 fatty acids, aka the good kind of fat. Check to see if the eggs you’re buying are pasture-raised and/or fed a diet high in omega-3 to get these benefits.

You just can’t beat these top health benefits of eggs.

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