3 Unexpected Offerings from Your Health Insurance Provider

3 Unexpected Offerings from Your Health Insurance Provider

May 14 2015

Most people only associate their health insurance provider with processing claims and paying providers for health care. But, nowadays, many do much more!

There’s a lot more to your insurance company than you might realize. Many have designated programs to help propel your health forward, instead of solely assisting in the payment of services. And if you aren’t aware, you likely aren’t taking advantage of the benefits.

Here are three things that might surprise you about your health plan:

  1. Health insurance companies are trying to combat rising health costs.

Just like you, the health insurance provider is affected by the rising costs of health care services. Many are trying to cultivate more transparency in health care pricing by asking that providers share their pricing information with patients ahead of time. You might be surprised to find out that cost can vary significantly based on the provider. Some insurance companies are providing resources to help you understand what a reasonable price for your procedure looks like or pointing you in the direction of the most affordable provider, lifting the curtain on pricing. For example, some insurance companies reveal the price you can expect to pay before you receive the procedure, based on your individual health plan.

  1. They have board certified physicians and licensed pharmacists on staff.  

You expect financial analysts, customer service representatives and other company function professionals to be employed by a health insurance provider. But what about doctors? Having the expert perspectives of doctors and pharmacists on staff is in the best interest of their members. These individuals help the health insurance company create innovative programs to solve some of the gaps in the current health delivery system – be it home-based primary care, medication coordination, chronic illness prevention and management, appropriate care payment methods and overall patient education.

  1. They help you manage your chronic conditions.

If you are lucky, your health insurance company may even take an active role in helping you manage your chronic health conditions and overall well-being by employing licensed nurses and social workers. For example, Priority Health has care managers on staff that offer personalized guidance and support by phone at no cost. In addition, these care managers take the learnings from working with individual members to see if there are any overarching themes and opportunities to offer programs or seminars to a wider audience of individuals

These are just some of the ways you can get more out of your membership. Look beyond the insurance card and find out how your plan can help you achieve better health and more savings.