Music to Our Ears: One Member’s Melodious Reason

Music to Our Ears: One Member’s Melodious Reason

Apr 23 2018

By day, member Andy Richardson works as a data analytics analyst, but his true passion lies in music.

It’s no wonder virtually every society and culture makes music: music is proven to lift a person out of a depressive episode, help eliminate stress and help the sick recover. If anyone knows the transformative and healing powers of music, it’s lifelong music lover, musician and Priority Health member Andy Richardson.

It started one fall day in 5th grade when Andy picked up a baritone—he was hooked. The following year Andy started to play the tuba, and eventually picked up the trombone as well. “Music always came pretty naturally for me,” said Andy. Growing up he would participate in youth orchestra and played in many honors bands.

But Andy didn’t just stick to the conventional school-associated band. He played in groups with his brother, dabbling on the bass guitar, keyboards and drums. The group performed at a variety of shows, including a battle of the bands. “We definitely always finished last but we had so much fun playing together. It was always fun getting to play with my brother.”

Music came so naturally to Andy that he originally pursued a degree in music performance.

“When I first started college, my major was music. About halfway through my sophomore year, I realized that this may not be what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

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Instead of living the uncertain life of a traveling musician, Andy turned to statistics—another field he always felt drawn to. “I feel that music, math and foreign language are all connected as they require pattern recognition. That guided me to statistics.” And according to Harvard, it is true that many musicians have unusual mathematical ability.

Today, Andy enjoys playing his trombone in the Grand Rapids Symphonic Band. He also likes playing his ukulele. Andy’s day job consists of working as a data analytics analyst, where he spends his days evaluating various programs and determining how to target what health program a person may benefit from. He creates predictive targeting lists to help predict which of his company’s members will benefit from specific programs, allowing them to contact the right members at the right time.

Aside from music and work, Andy is determined to make living healthy a priority. When he isn’t practicing his talents, he enjoys exercising. “Working out is a big part of how I spend my free time. I enjoy lifting weights and making use of the company gym during lunch a couple of times each week.”

Andy also sticks to a healthy diet focused around vegetables, greens, healthy proteins and steering clear of sweets and other junk foods, although he is happy to splurge on a pepperoni pizza now and again.

Andy has been a member of Priority Health for the past 6 years. He is one of 996,000 reasons to deliver the best health insurance possible, and provide a healthier approach to health care.


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