Innovative Health Plans with Michigan Families in Mind

Innovative Health Plans with Michigan Families in Mind

Oct 27 2017

When it comes to shopping for health insurance, nothing is more important than making sure your family has the right coverage.

By: Tami Hibbitts, Vice President, Individual Markets

It may sound obvious, but selecting a health insurance plan can be one of the biggest and, for many, most challenging decisions a family can make.

As a health care professional for more than 22 years, I know how difficult it can be to navigate the ever-changing landscape of our industry. And as a spouse and parent, I am also no stranger to that precarious feeling associated with any decision connected to your family’s health and well-being.

At Priority Health, we are committed to serving the individual market and providing Michigan families with access to affordable, easy-to-understand health insurance options. At a time when many health plans are reviewing whether to remain in the challenging individual market, we are pulling every lever at our disposal to deliver innovative solutions for Michigan’s families that address cost concerns without sacrificing quality of care.

One way we’re doing this is by partnering with the best health systems in the state to expand our narrow network options. Through our narrow network plans, families get access to high-quality care at a cost lower than the Michigan average. These plans also offer full access to the partner’s system of hospitals and physicians, as well as a range of benefit options allowing consumers to choose which plan is right for them and their families.

Priority Health brought its first narrow network to the individual market in 2016 with the launch of the Spectrum Health Partners network, exclusively sold in Kent County. This year, we added Bronson Healthcare Partners in Southwest Michigan, and just recently we announced three new partnerships in the Southeast for 2018: St. John Providence Health Network, St. Joseph Mercy Health System Network and Beaumont Health Network.

At the end of the day, health care insurance is about one thing: your family’s future.

We believe strongly in making health care costs for Michigan families as affordable and transparent as possible. That’s why we’ve designed these highly competitive narrow network plans with no referrals or additional authorizations needed; system-specific names to make it easier for families to understand which facilities are covered; no additional limits or restrictions on care or services; and free health coaching with one-on-one support to help with things such as weight management, tobacco cessation and diabetes care.

In addition, all of our MyPriority Silver individual plans feature the following leading-edge benefits for families who are price sensitive yet health conscious:

  • Free virtual visits with access to 24/7 non-emergency care by phone or online
  • $20 copays for generic prescription drugs before deductible
  • Unlimited primary doctor visits with $30 copays before deductible
  • $75 urgent care visits before deductible
  • Access to Priority Health’s Cost Estimator to see prices for hundreds of services and procedures
  • Discounted prices for gym memberships

Not only do these plans give our members and their families more control over their health care costs, but they also receive access to the support and information they need, when they need it. Priority Health’s award-winning customer service team is available via phone, email or at one of our information centers to answer any questions.

Going one step further, we have a phenomenal care management staff of licensed nurses and social workers who offer guidance and support that is convenient and free. If you need a nurse to help you manage a new or ongoing chronic condition, they can help put a plan in place to manage your care, coordinate appointments and help get you in to see a specialist.

At the end of the day, health care insurance is about one thing: your family’s future. So when you’re shopping around for a health plan for you and your loved ones make sure to work with an insurer that is upfront and transparent and gives you the tools you need so that you’re confident in that plan and that decision.

About the Author: Tami Hibbitts is vice president of Individual Markets at Priority Health. She leads the product development, sales and marketing, risk assessment, management, and operations of Priority Health’s products in the Individual marketplace. Her areas of expertise include process improvement, business analysis, strategic planning and managed care.

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